The Signet

Rings, like other jewelry, are particularly associated with identity functioning as both a part of the body and a substitute for it. The power of rings as identifiers is so potent that they can stand in for the owner and, when bestowed unto another, acts as an extension of themselves. A perfect example of this is my personal favorite, the signet ring.

Also known as the "Gentleman's Ring" are of the most stylish and have been around since the days of Old Testament. They bore the family crest or initial, representing the individual or family in the most literal way and always worn on the pinkie for accessibility to spread his seal when needed. Signet rings were used as a personal signature. The design was usually engraved, often in reverse, on the flat bezel face of the ring and then pressed into wax to create the seal.

Bull Signet

Signet rings have been around since the beginning of jewelry making and have always been popular but became more popular with the rise of the bourgeoisie. Having a signet ring was a prominent sign to show that you were of higher class.

Today, despite the fact that the primary reason for a signet ring has been lost, the style of the them is still quite unique and worn by men and, even women, all around the world. The most popular way to them of course is on the pinkie, preferably on the most dominant hand. But today, where and how you wear the ring is a matter of personal preference. You can even stack them with other bands like Prince Charles.

Designer's like Drowning Bear are still making signet rings. (See what I did there?) Whether you want it traditional style or more modern, simply present your symbol or design to be engraved here and we will work with you on shape and finish. 

“Today, signet rings are not necessarily the prerogative of the aristocracy or men, which I quite like. Anyone can wear them, and if someone wants to make up their own crest, why not?”  - Beatrice Behlen, Senior Curator of Fashion and Decorative Arts at the Museum of London.

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