How to Style Your Jewelry

Jewelry is the staple of your ensemble.
It's important that it reflects your personality and also compliments your outfit. There are no rules in fashion but if there were some, they would be to take risks, be yourself and be bold af. 
That being said, here are some of our favorite tips to coordinate our jewelry to its fullest potential.

First things first
How Many Rings can I Wear at a Time & How?
You can wear ten rings on all ten fingers, five rings on one finger or you can wear one statement ring on one finger. In our opinion the more rings, the better. We always style a few rings on one finger with a few statement rings on the others. 

Can I Mix Silver and Gold Together?
Some will say 'no way' but most will say 'hell yes!
We love mixing a few gold rings in with a handful of silver rings. Maybe a gold necklace with layered with a few silver? Sure! Same goes for earrings. If you can't decide, wear them both.  
The one rule to stick to when deciding between silver and gold is that there are no rules, only the ones you conform within yourself. So if you like it, wear that gold necklace and those silver earrings girl. 

How Many Necklaces are too Many?
Layering necklaces can be fun and also sometimes tricky. We like to stick to max four however it depends on the length and style of necklaces you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a lariat type (pictured above) of necklace I would not layer it with anything. Usually those are statement pieces in themselves and deserve all the attention. 
If you want to layer, sticking with some dainty chains 16-20 inch chains) and one chunky choker is always a go to, satisfying look.
With layering longer necklaces 24 inches and longer) I always layer with a few shorter ones to fill in the gaps so to say.
Try to stay away from too many chunky chains at one time, it could get gaudy, overpowering and slightly confusing.