How to Start a Jewelry Collection

When you look into your closet what do you see? A black shirt, in multiple variations, leggings, black jeans and some chelsea boots right? These are our every day, go to pieces that we happily invest in because we know we'll love them year after year. Now, apply this same treatment to your jewelry collection. 

These pieces are the signature touches that will become recognizably you. Are you more classy and minimal? Do you like be bold and make a statement? Do you like both? Which ever is your vibe, make sure that it's represented in your jewelry pieces - The dainty chain that is know apart of you, the earrings you forget about because you never take them off or the ring that's basically your finger now. 

Lets start with the dainty chain:

This is the necklace that you wear day and night, it's your go to. You shower with it (even though you are not suppose to) you wear it with everything and you give it as little thought as possible because it is now basically your second skin. It's either gold or silver, has some diamonds or makes a small simple statement but still says a lot about you. Its simplicity allows you to layer and seamlessly pair it with other necklaces. 

These handcuffs say "choke me but do it nicely"
Sterling silver handcuff dainty necklace 
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Next are the earrings you forgot about;

A lot can be said by your hoop choice; you either have a playful over sized pair, a small huggy ear love pair or some diamond studs. Whatever it is, you seem to never take them off and if you're like us, you have your ears pierced multiple times and can pair them with all three AND a dangle pair. 

Dagger Earrings
Sterling Silver
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Last but certainly not least, your statement ring;

You love yourself, so put a ring on it. This ring should most definitely say who you are and what you are about with no questions asked. Make a statement with one ring on your pointer and pair it with some dainties on the other fingers. 

Cut Out Skull Ring
Sterling Silver 
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Don't worry, your jewelry box will thank you later.


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